EXMAX E160W 2.4G 12W USB Digital Wireless Amplifier Portable Hi-Fi with Clip-on Transmitter Waist Hanging Type Megaphone 20M,Compatible with wireless and wired microphones

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The EXMAX Digital Wireless Voice Amplifier uses an adaptive 2.4GHz digital technology with an auto-pairing system to push sound from the clip-on lapel microphone to the 12 watt remote speaker,resulting in loud,clear,high quality voice amplification.The Wireless Voice Amplifier is compatible with the wireless mic and wired microphones.


Adaptive 2.4 GHz transmitting technology

Digital auto-pairing technology

High quality sound output with sensitivity audio processor,Compatible with wireless and wired microphones

Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery

Speaker can be used as an external battery to charge a cell phone


Receiver battery spec:7.4V/1000mAh Polymer Li-ion

Power Adapter:10VDC/450mA

Receiver Recharging Time:4-6 hours

Receiver (speaker) Play Time:up to 8 hours

Dimensions:3.5 x 3.5 x 1.7 inches (90 x 90 x 43 mm)


Transmitter (clip-on lapel microphone)

Transmitter battery spec:3.7V/350mAh Polymer Li-ion

Power Adapter:5VDC

Transmitter Recharging Time:4-5 hours

Transmitter(clip-on mic/transmitter) Play Time: up to six hours

Dimensions:2.6 x 1.4 x 1.1 inches (67 x 36 x 28mm)


Technical Specifications:

Carrier Frequency:2.4 GHz

Transmit Power:10MW

Frequency Response:80Hz ¨C 12kHz

Max.Output Power:12W

Operating Mode:Adaptive digital ID

Operating Range:50-65 ft.(15¨C20m)

Rated Output Power:5W

Output Impedance:4Ω



Package include:

1 x Portable Amplifier

1 x 2.4G Transmitter

1 x Lavalier Microphone

1 x Headworn Microphone

1 x Power Adaptor

1 x Back Hook

1 x Transmitter Charging Cable

1 x Rope


1.Please do not enter the music signal from the microphone jack to play, too much music signal input causes sound distortion, and cause damage to the product.

2.Go to the Boot state, the operation, do not face the microphone toward the microphone pickup speaker to avoid howling.

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