EXMAX 60-108MHz Portable DSP Stereo Wireless Headsets FM Radio Broadcast System for Tour Guide Teaching Meeting Training Travel Field Interpretation – 1 Transmitter and 5 Receivers Gray

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Professional Wireless FM Radio Broadcast Tour Guide System.Real digital signal transmission with very stable and clear audio quality.Designed with Stereo and Mono audio output,both AUX line-in and Microphone volume is adjustable.Special Antenna: The noise is <60dB,achieving professional standard.Transmit frequency is adjustable from 60-108MHz;You can transmit across the whole public FM band.Portable size with Large Digital LCDS creen Display and easy to be carried.

LCD display for transmitter and receiver,channel,volume,very easy to operate.With Earphone for better listening environment;Lock switch to prevent accidental operation;Lanyard can suspends gently around the neck for comfort,slim design and nice looking,Light weight and small size.Expandable & DIY:One transmitter can pair up to Countless receivers.If you have more than one Tour guide or Simultaneous interpreting area you would like to add,just DIY and fulfill your needs.

For Transmitter:(1)Maximum transmission distance is about 80 meters(on open area,no obstacles).(2)Powered by BL-5C 3.7V 1000mAh Li-on battery,4 levels of power output: 0.01mW, 10mW, 100mW, 200mW.(3)3 kinds Broadcasting Modes:(a).3.5mm AUX input: Transmitting music from your smart phone,computer,MP3 or CD player.(b)Mic input: With a lapel microphone,Broadcasting your voice to make speech,teaching,training,traveling,etc.(c)Support TF card(MP3 format): Only support MP3 files

For Receiver:(1)FM frequency range 60-108MHz,NO AM.This portable radio adopts digital signal processing technology,using the software programming achieving of wireless radio.(2)5 Station Presets: Manually store five favorite stations,press 1-5 key to quickly select storage station.(3)Mono/stereo select-able,with 24 hour digital clock.Powered by 2 AAA battery(Not Included).30 level volume control,Lock switch to prevent accidental operation.(4)Comes with an ear-in headphone.

NOTE before Buying:Please DON’T buy large quantity sets/units one time if you never operated this before or don’t know what it is for . Strongly advise customers buying one set/unit for testing.If you like it after testing,you could buy more.Once a customer bought many sets,but immediately request returning right after receiving due to he didn’t like it and he realized that it’s not what he want.This raised too much costs and waste,your kind understanding would be highly appreciated.

FM frequency range 60-108MHz(0.1MHz spacing between channels)
One transmitter can work with multiple receivers within the operating range
Individual volume control on each receiver
Both transmitter and receiver use LCD-display to indicate frequency,channel,battery,level status


Model: EX831TransmitterBlack

Frequency range: 60-108MHz (adjustable)

Frequency increase: 0.1MHz

Frequency stability: ±10PPM

Frequency response: 50Hz-1500Hz

Signal to noise radio: <60dB

Transmission power: 0.01/10/100/200mW

Reference distance: 50/60/70/80M

Working hours: 8/6/5/3h

Power: BL-5C 3.7V 1000mAh

Charging time: about 5 hours

Support TF Card: only support MP3 format

Size: 80x58x18mm/3.1×2.3×0.7in


Model: EX102ReceiverGray

Frequency Range: 60-108MHz

Sensitivity: <3.5uV

Signal to noise ratio: 45db

Stereo separation: 32dB

Power supply: 2 x AAA batteries(not included)

Earphone jack: 3.5mm

Tuning increase: 0.1MHz

Built-in speaker: No

Material: ABS Plastic

Size: 92x53x13mm/3.6×2.1×0.5in

Suitbale For

Guided Tours Factories, Museums, Tourist Attractions, Zoos & Theme Parks, Cruise Ships & Buses, Schools, Meetings & Lectures, Employee & Dealers Training, Hotels and Resorts, Special Events.Educational Institutions, Corporate Meetings, Training and Seminars, Theaters, Governmental Agencies, Houses of Worship, Conventions and Auditoriums.

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