780-850MHZ Wireless Tour Group Guide/Talkback/Assistive Listening System ,1T4R

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The EXWTG-900 Wireless Tour Guide System is a lightweight, Wireless system that helps tour participants with hearing difficulties listen directly to the tour guide and control their own volume. Allows full freedom of movement for tour group. Ensures wireless effortless communication between guide and participants. Combines superior audio with easy-to-use controls. 


*780-850MHZ digital frequency-hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) design automatically filter & minimize the wireless interference.

*10 sets of systems can be used at the same time without mutual interference.

*More than 100m long operation range, the maximum in open area can be 300m.

*Supports wireless talkback function, switch the mode of tour guide or talkback according to your using requirements.

*LCD-display indicates the battery level, receiving signal strength as well as the current channel to control the working state anytime.

*Adopts intelligent AGC audio signal processing technology for high sound capture capability and high quality sound reproduction.

*Powered by high capacity lithium-ion battery, playtime is more than 12hrs.

*This system can be a transmitter with many receiver.


Frequency Range:50Hz-12KHz

Transmit Frequency Response:780-850MHZ

Number of Channels: 100, automatic frequency-hopping mode

Operating range:≥100m(the maximum in open area can be 300m)

Transmit Power:≤10dBm

Receiving Sensitivity:-120dBm

S/N Ratio:≥60dB

Playtime: Approx. 12hrs

Recharging Period: Approx. 4hrs

Battery Specification: 3.7V/950mAh polymer lithium-ion battery

Applications of EXWTG-900 Wireless Tour Guide System:

Travel & Tourism: Tourism, museums, galleries, business and tour guides to explain the convention;

VIP reception: The promotion of company’s products, high-level exhibition, the Government, the reception of VIPs visited the factory, industrial tourism;

Teaching training: Schools, training institutes, conference rooms, auditorium, classroom lectures, seminars and other learning activities, special job training.

Square Dancing, Live Translation,etc


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